Summary: USA (1)

It all started with Karl-Heinz. His notorious lack of orientation misguided him when he wanted to fly to the next pond. So he crossed the big one. Here he found friends and was continuously on the road.

He went to Saratoga and won a fortune at the horse races.

He found out that the Christmas duck has a long tradition in the U.S. – and that this can be a neck breaking job.

One of his biggest accomplishments was his taking over of the control center in Houston – when they had again problems.

Of course his bathroom was furnished in duck fashion.

He found many feathered friens – especially the woodpeckers impressed him due to their headbanging qualities.

Soon he also took over the military power. Allegedly, Karl-Heinz was the duck behind the scenes and the politicians only puppets on the strings.

On his way he met a companion: Giraffi!

Giraffi was even more confused then Karl-Heinz: She had no clue how she crossed the Atlantic Ocean. So, she made the best out of her situation and developed an interest in the local fauna, e.g. giant grass hoppers in Louisiana.

(to be continued)


About entenmensch

Wunderkind aus Malente / sprach in seiner Jungend of mit Enten und konnte sie später auch verstehen / bringt knallhart recherchierte Begebenheiten von den Enten zu den Menschen.
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